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1. What Does My Name ONLEY Meaning?
People possessing this name are said to be expressive, diplomatic and have a refined nature. He is sure to be a hit with the female gender because of his expressive nature.

2. What Does My Name GORDON Meaning?
This is a masculine name. It is a Scottish surname which means comes from a place called Spacious Fort. In Welsh, the word GOR means Spacious and DIN meaning Fort.

3. What Does My Name FERRARO Meaning?
The Latin origin of this name comes from the word Ferrum which means Iron. The name refers to a person who works with metal. This individual has a generous and kind nature.

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4. What Does My Name COVINGTON Meaning?
A habitational name that comes from Covinton. It means Scottish when used as a last or surname in Scottish origins. In some other places, it means Columba's Town.

5. What Does My Name HERL Meaning?
It originates from the German word "Herle" which means a fly that is artificial and is dressed with barbs. Also, means the dressing of fishing flies.

6. What Does My Name GUPTA Meaning?
This ancient Hindu name has its derivatives in the Devanagari script and is one of the earliest in existence. The name refers to a 'protector' or a 'guardian'.

7. What Does My Name FYKE Meaning?
A person with this name is kind, home-loving, hospitable and friendly. He takes responsibility well and is a good organizer of social affairs. Compassion to other people is a strong trait of his.

8. What Does My Name HOISINGTON Meaning?
The name is habitational of which means someone who comes from Horsington. This is a village which was considered to belong to the Horsa's.

9. What Does My Name AUSMUS Meaning?
This is a distinguished name used in Greece which meant 'loved', A person named so is good intellectually and requires several outlets for his energies. The great historian Erasmus comes to mind with this name.

10. What Does My Name DICK Meaning?
The Germanic elements of this name mean brave, power or rule. It remains a very popular English name and is used widely to signify a persons ability and character.

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11. What Does My Name COLUMBO Meaning?
Derived from the Latin word "colomba" which means dove. It also means a person of high favor as the dove is considered to symbolize the Holy Spirit in the Bible.

12. What Does My Name MISTY Meaning?
This is the short version of Melissa or Michelle. It came from the word MIST which means light fog. This is a popular girl's name.

13. What Does My Name CRUISE Meaning?
An annotation to the cross, it came about as a result of the Anglo-Norman period of time. A lot of famous celebrities sport this name prominent among whom is Tom Cruise.

14. What Does My Name HOOKER Meaning?
The name came from the root word HOOK or it also means makers of hooks. It is also said that it is of English mainly Southeastern origin.

15. What Does My Name ARAGON Meaning?
It is a both Spanish and French origin. This is a place called Aragon. An independent kingdom which is named after a river which arises in the northwestern corner.

16. What Does My Name KEEFER Meaning?
This is an old Celtic name with the meaning of noble, gentle and kind. It was an occupational name used to refer to a barrel maker and was used in the region.

17. What Does My Name GRADY Meaning?
Another wonderful sounding Irish name, it means Noble and is used to describe someone of an illustrious and distinctive personage. Again, a very popular name in Northern Europe.

18. What Does My Name HELMICH Meaning?
With an Anglo-Saxon origin, this name was given to a herdsman and is derived from an Old English word, Helm meaning a covering.

19. What Does My Name MACINTOSH Meaning?
The prominent and quite common Gaelic name is found across the region and upon translation, means 'leader' or 'son of the chief'. A person with this name is sure to be of strong character and a born leader.

20. What Does My Name MABRY Meaning?
The name Mabry is feminine and has a Latin origin. The literal meaning of the name as translated from Latin is "my fair maid" or "lovely."

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21. What Does My Name BRUNDAGE Meaning?
This is a habitational name from Suffolk at Brundish. Its derivative from Old English is "burna" meaning stream and "edisc" meaning pasture.

22. What Does My Name LISA Meaning?
A name with a lot of meaning. It regales 'The Oath of God' in ancient Hebrew. Definitely a very popular name among the younger generation and used widely.

23. What Does My Name HILLIER Meaning?
An occupational name for a roofer, it is a derivative of the medieval English name meaning to '├žover'. It is used much more in its common form of Hillary.

24. What Does My Name GARCIA Meaning?
This is a very common name in the States with allusions to a lot of families. The very name has its meanings in Old Spanish meaning to be brave in battle.

25. What Does My Name MELNICK Meaning?
This is a Russian name with Slavic origins. An occupational name, the word translates to 'grind' and also refers to a miller. It is a very quaint name of a humble meaning.

26. What Does My Name FRAZER Meaning?
A Scottish name implying the presence of curly hair, it also refers to a region. These people are idealistic, imaginative and spiritual. Certainly strong qualities in a person!!

27. What Does My Name CZAJA Meaning?
Name hints toward a bird named Lapwing and is used to call someone who is thought to resemble it in some way. A very cherishable name for special ones!!

28. What Does My Name CRIDER Meaning?
A name which has its origins from the old Anglo-Saxon word meaning creek or a small river. It represents a cheerful, friendly and emotional person who is trustworthy.

29. What Does My Name DUDERSTADT Meaning?
This is a name having a German origin meaning a person coming from Duderstadt. This is a place in Lower Saxony near Gottingen.

30. What Does My Name GREENING Meaning?
This name has been derived from the Dutch Groenig and means tending toward nature. It brings to mind a picturesque forest with multiple shades of verdant green.

31. What Does My Name ASHLEE Meaning?
This is a name derived from the old English name Ashley. It means a person who dwells near the ash tree forest or meadow of ash trees.

32. What Does My Name COFIELD Meaning?
This is the variant of the English name Caulfield. The name is meant to describe a person who is highly sensitive, has an intuitive nature and is idealistic.

33. What Does My Name BABICH Meaning?
It is of Ukrainian origin which means old woman. This is a widely used surname. Derives from Polish and Russian word BABA which means grandmother.

34. What Does My Name NUGENT Meaning?
It is an English and Irish name which is Norman in origin. It represents several places in the Northern France. Means New Settlement.

35. What Does My Name JACQUES Meaning?
The name is considered to be the French form of Jacob. In French, the name means a person who grasps the heel or a supplanter.

36. What Does My Name PATTON Meaning?
This name has its origins in Old England and means 'from the warrior's town'. A person with this name has a deep inner need for quiet and a desire to understand the world they live in.

37. What Does My Name FITZGERALD Meaning?
In Old French and Old Norman the name Fitzgerald means the son of Gerald. "Fitz" in Anglo-Norman French was a prefix used to bring out the meaning, "son of..."

38. What Does My Name MOUNTFORD Meaning?
This is a name of French origin from a place known as Montford-sur-Risle found in Normandy. A combination of two words "mont" meaning a hill and "fort" meaning impregnable.

39. What Does My Name MICCO Meaning?
The name has a Native American Origin whereby it was used in place for a chief. It also is used to mean a person who has the power to rule.

40. What Does My Name MALLOY Meaning?
This is a popular Irish clan name that was derived from the Gaelic name "Maolmhuidh." It means a noble chief or a descendant of a great chief.