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1. What Does My Name HANNI Mean?
This name came from the name Hannah. It means Grace or the one who is favored by God. This is a very nice girl's name.

2. What Does My Name GRACEY Mean?
The name originates from the Latin word "gratia" which means favor or thanks. Also from the name "Grace" which inspires mercy, favor, kindness, and eloquence.

3. What Does My Name HILLIER Mean?
An occupational name for a roofer, it is a derivative of the medieval English name meaning to '├žover'. It is used much more in its common form of Hillary.

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4. What Does My Name MICHL Mean?
An ancient name with roots in the Hebrew religion, it asks a rhetorical question, 'Who is like God?'. This is definitely one of the most interesting names I've come across and leaves no doubt about its popularity.

5. What Does My Name MACKO Mean?
It has its annotations as being the Polish form of Mathew which is a very Biblical name. To be translated as 'A Gift Of God', it forebodes auspiciousness.

6. What Does My Name HEMBERGER Mean?
This is a habitational name given to someone originating from the various places that are named Hemberg or Hembergen. Also means someone who attracts success, happiness, and self-sufficiency.

7. What Does My Name MCCLANAHAN Mean?
This variant name has its roots in Gaelic and refers to a mighty hound. This is a very strong name and brings to mind steadfastness and willpower.

8. What Does My Name DONNELLY Mean?
This name has Irish roots and is composed of the elements 'donn' which means brown and 'gal' which means valour. This valiant sounding name is mostly used in Ireland but is exotic enough to be used elsewhere as well.

9. What Does My Name NOBEL Mean?
It is used to describe a person who is honest, brave and kind who lives his life with dignity. A person of Nobel birth has a high social standing and leads people with good morals.

10. What Does My Name KNIGHTEN Mean?
It means a person who originates from Knighton. It also means someone who senses and feels more than they can express or understand.

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11. What Does My Name COTTINGHAM Mean?
The name originates from a Parish near Hull in Yorkshire making it a habitational name. The meaning of the name is " The homestead of the Cotta's people.

12. What Does My Name DIMASCIO Mean?
The Italian meaning points toward a Master Craftsman or a servant. A person with this name is said to be strong in material matters, determined and stubborn. A Master Craftsman indeed!!

13. What Does My Name BARTEL Mean?
This name was used in the Aramaic culture and language. 'Bar' translates to son and 'telem' refers to furrows. So, this name was used to mean the son of furrows and was used in the form of Bartholomew widely.

14. What Does My Name VIVIEN Mean?
In French, Vivien it means ALIVE. For Latin, the male opposite is Vivianus which means VIVUS or alive. In Great Britain, this name is being widely use for females.

15. What Does My Name FURUTA Mean?
The name Furuta is considered to descend from the Japanese. The literal translation of the Japanese language translates to mean "old rice paddy."

16. What Does My Name MOUNTFORD Mean?
This is a name of French origin from a place known as Montford-sur-Risle found in Normandy. A combination of two words "mont" meaning a hill and "fort" meaning impregnable.

17. What Does My Name GORDON Mean?
The name has a Scottish origin and it was derived from the name of a place meaning spacious fort. The meaning of the name is also associated with greatness.

18. What Does My Name BILLS Mean?
It is surname which is a part of ancient legacy of Anglo Saxon tribes. It is originally came from a person who is a maker of polearms, haberds and billhoose which are old weapons.

19. What Does My Name GILLETT Mean?
The name means a person living at the top of a glen, or a ravine. Another variant is of Greek origin and refers to a young goat. A very fashionable name, it was used in abundance in modern circles.

20. What Does My Name PATES Mean?
The name is both Scottish and English. It is a short term for Patrick. From French meaning paws which is applied to a man with big and clumsy feet.

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21. What Does My Name HIPWELL Mean?
A habitational name that originates from North Yorkshire at a place known as Hipswell. The literal meaning being a "spring" or "stream."

22. What Does My Name MIMI Mean?
This is a pet form of the Hebrew name Miryam. It means the sea of sorrow or the sea of bitterness. It can also mean lady or mistress of the sea.

23. What Does My Name GUPTA Mean?
This ancient Hindu name has its derivatives in the Devanagari script and is one of the earliest in existence. The name refers to a 'protector' or a 'guardian'.

24. What Does My Name LEA Mean?
This Spanish name has its origins again in the Hebrew language. It was made famous as the name of the first wife of Jacob and means 'to tire'.

25. What Does My Name PARIKH Mean?
The name is mostly use for Indian Hindu people. It came from Gujarati word ASSAYER which means a diamond examiner UB Sanskrit.

26. What Does My Name LADA Mean?
Another name with a Slavic history behind it, Lada is the identity of the Goddess of beauty, love and marriage. The name is usually associated with youth and splendor!!

27. What Does My Name LISA Mean?
A name with a lot of meaning. It regales 'The Oath of God' in ancient Hebrew. Definitely a very popular name among the younger generation and used widely.

28. What Does My Name MISTY Mean?
This is the short version of Melissa or Michelle. It came from the word MIST which means light fog. This is a popular girl's name.

29. What Does My Name COVINGTON Mean?
A habitational name that comes from Covinton. It means Scottish when used as a last or surname in Scottish origins. In some other places, it means Columba's Town.

30. What Does My Name MCLEISH Mean?
This Scottish name has a lot of meaning and has been in use since the medieval era. Its roots are in Gaelic and translate to being the son or a follower of Jesus.

31. What Does My Name CHAS Mean?
This is pronounced as CHAZ. It is an American name for a boy. Comes from the old English word CEORL which means a strong man.

32. What Does My Name HEYMAN Mean?
It means a person who has a general interest in the well-being of other people and has a natural calling to serve and help others in a way that appears humanitarian.

33. What Does My Name VALERIA Mean?
It is a female's name meaning strong, heathy and capable. This is originated from the name Valentine and the herb which is called Valeriana officialis.

34. What Does My Name MACINTOSH Mean?
The prominent and quite common Gaelic name is found across the region and upon translation, means 'leader' or 'son of the chief'. A person with this name is sure to be of strong character and a born leader.

35. What Does My Name ATEAGA Mean?
This name means success and endurance. The person with this name feels that they need to thrive harder because they are not ordinary.

36. What Does My Name KARINA Mean?
It refers to an artistic and loving person and has its roots in Latin. A person with this name is fun and out-going. Definitely a true reflection of the meaning indeed.

37. What Does My Name BETH Mean?
It means 'an oath of God' according to the Hebrew but has variants in meaning lively in Scottish. Such a person is competent, practical and often obtain great power and wealth.

38. What Does My Name KENNY Mean?
It refers to a handsome individual and is based on the Irish language. This person is charming and is a natural at obtaining the devotion of people around him.

39. What Does My Name MITCHELL Mean?
It is a surname which derives from the Saxon and Anglian words which means BIG. In Hebrew, this boy's name means a gift from God.

40. What Does My Name CROOKSHANKS Mean?
It has Scottish roots in referring to a bow-legged individual. Apart from that, it holds the honor of bearing the name as our favorite feline from the Harry Potter universe.